Deadly explosion hits military vehicle near Mogadishu


as many as four persons were murdered and five more were wounded as a result of a roadside bomb explosion along the road connecting Mogadishu to Afgoye in the Lower Shabelle region, an official emphasized on Wednesday.

A police officer stated in condition of secrecy that a bomb put along the road blasted as a vehicle carrying soldiers passed over it.

The official emphasized, “The soldiers were coming back from an operation of deactivating mines on the same road when the blast happened. Four people died in the blast and five others got injured,” adding that two soldiers were among the killed people.

An eyewitness affirmed that the explosion was huge. “The incident happened at night and we heard a big blast. People said it was targeted a military car using the road. There were casualties, but we have no further details,” Abdi Kadiye, an eyewitness informed Xinhua.



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