Somalia reacts to deadly coup attempt in Ethiopia


Regional players were among the first to react to a tense weekend in Ethiopia where the federal government confirmed a failed coup in northern Amhara regional state.

Eritrea and Somalia reacted via tweets with the former sending condolences whiles the latter added a condemnation of the action and solidarity with the people of Ethiopia.

“The Government of Eritrea has conveyed its message of condolence to the Government & people of Ethiopia on the killing, in a failed coup attempt, of the President Amhara Regional Government, his advisor, Chief of Staff of Ethiopia’s National Defense Forces and Maj. Gen.(Rt) Gezai,” the message from Asmara read.

Turkey on Monday issued a condemnation of the action which took the lives of regional officials and the army chief and another.

“We convey our condolences to the friendly People and the Government of Ethiopia. We reiterate that Turkey is against all attempts to unlawfully change elected Governments, and express our strong support to Ethiopia in the aftermath of this coup attempt,” the statement read.

In the case of the former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, he condemned what he said was the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Democracy has come to rest in Africa. Constitutionality and the rule of law are what we in Africa need, especially in the cradle of civilisation and the melting pot of the African Union.

“Africa hopes for a speedy return to normalcy and I stand ready to lend my voice and actions to make that possible. May God bless Africa and may He be with the government and people of Ethiopia at such a trying time,” his statement added.



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