Kenyan police arrest suspected Al Shabaab spy chief near border town


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Kenya’s Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) has arrested a man believed to be an Al-Shabaab spy near border town along Somalia.

Kenya’s intelligence says Abdu Hassan Yamah alias Somo Dubat Oukor captured and was found with a Ugandan identity card

He was accused of collecting information to Al Shabaab.

The suspects revealed nothing yet, but further investigation is underway, according to Kenya’s ATPU officer Newton Mbogo.

He says the man is suspected to have been collecting information for Al-Shabaab in Mandera in northeast of Kenya where Al Shabaab carried out similar attacks.

Kenyan court has allowed police to hold the suspected man for five days, in a bid to complete investigations.

Last month, Al Shabaab killed at least 21 people and dozens left wounded after suicide and gun attack on hotel complex in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.