French naval ship visits Durban


The French naval patrol ship Le Malin was scheduled to arrive in Durban and berth at O-berth on the T-jetty.

Le Malin is a converted trawler that was confiscated by French authorities because of fishing irregularities and is stationed at the French naval base on Reunion. The vessel also undertakes fishery research work.

Most recently Le Malin took part in Exercise Cutlass Express, a joint naval exercise with ships of the US Navy, Indian Navy and the Mauritian Coast Guard, as well as personnel from Mozambique, Comoros, Canada, Djibouti, Kenya, Madagascar, Portugal, Seychelles, Somalia, Tanzania and The Netherlands.

The purpose is to improve regional co-operation, maritime domain awareness and information sharing practices and to increase capabilities between the US, East African and Western India Ocean nations to counter piracy, human trafficking and drug and other contraband smuggling.

Le Malin sails from Durban on Monday.



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