Deadly strike in Somalia kills 8 Al Shabab fighters


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Unidentified fighter jets reportedly carried out strikes against targets held by Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab in Somalia, killing at least 8 fighters.

The jets hit earlier on Wednesday in Jawaari area, Middle Juba region, leaving 8 militants belonging to Al Shabaab, a journalist, Harun Macruf tweeted on Twitter.

Harun quoting sources said the strike killed 8 members of Al Shabaab.

The group says through its website that none of its fighters had been killed or injured in the strikes.

Meanwhile, The U.S. Africa Command has also denied its drone jets conducted any strikes in Somalia since early June.

It remains unknown the country carried out the airstrikes.

The U.S. has carried out a growing number of drone strikes in the Horn of Africa nation in coordination with Somalia’s government.

Most of the strikes were against al-Shabab, but a small number have targeted Islamic State group-affiliated fighters in the Puntland region in the north of Somalia.

The U.S. carried out more than 30 drone strikes last year in Somalia after President Donald Trump approved expanded military efforts against al-Shabab.