There Must Be An End To Violence Against Women, Prime Minister Declares On International Women’s Day.


IMG_2914Mogadishu (AGGM); His Excellency Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon today said the Somali government would doeverything in its power to defend women against violence, as his wife Asha Haji Elmi MP celebrated the day with Internally Displaced People.

“This is one of the most important days in our year and today I mark it by pledging this government’s complete support to women who face any sort of violence in their lives. Anyone who commits any violence against women must face the full force of the law. We must eradicate this scourge of Somali society.”

Asha Haji Elmi MP, the women’s rights activist and wife of the Prime Minister, marked the day by visiting a camp for IDPs in Mogadishu. There she visited a makeshift school and Islamic college and donated food items at a “Time for Action to End Violence against Women” event.

“In this classroom are the future Presidents and Prime Ministers, doctors and engineers of Somalia,” she told the children. “The future of Somalia depends on how we care for and educate children like you.”

Madam Asha praised the government for getting tough on those who commit violence against women, noting recent comments by the President that convicted armed rapistswould be executed, according to sharia law.

“We’ve been taking about women’s rights and equality for many years, but we’re not there yet,” said Madam Asha. “We will keep campaigning until women enjoy the equal status that is their right and until no woman is ever raped in Somalia.”








Ahmed Adan
Prime Minister’s Media Office
Mogadishu, Somalia

Isha Ku Hay Allgalgaduud Media