Somali Government banned the dissemination of terrorist messages in the media


MOGADISHU, October 08, 2022: In accordance with Article 126th of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia, which stipulates the protection of sovereignty, national security and the safety of the people?

In accordance with Article 10th of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia, which stipulates the protection of human dignity, which is frequently violated by terrorist groups by using an online media and other media platforms?

In accordance with article 26th of the Media Law which prohibits the release of unlicensed media and article 29th of Media Law which prohibits the dissemination of lies and propaganda against the citizens and the government;

In accordance with The National Telecommunication Law articles of 64th, 65th and 66th which legalizes the right to protect national security, good conduct and personal identity?

And after considered Al-Shabab terror group’s use of internet and spreading sham messages on anti-Islam and good culture;

Therefore, from today;

Federal Government of Somalia prohibited dissemination of extremism ideology messages both from traditional media broadcasts and social media.

While implementing its resolution, Federal Government of Somalia would like to inform the public it has suspended more than 40 social media pages where terrorists have been spreading intimidation, incitement and wrong messages. The government is also tracking other media outlets that are spreading hate and terrorism messages.

The public is hereby warned that they must avoid spreading terrorists’ intimidating and misleading messages – intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly and consciously or unconsciously.

The Federal Government of Somalia considers as a crime the act of disseminating the messages of the terrorists. Meanwhile any media or an individual that promotes and encourages the acts of brutality of the terrorists will face the law, and actions will be taken if they are found guilty of violating the proper use of the media/social media.

Protection of freedom of expression

In accordance with Article 18th of the Provisional Constitution of the FGS, the Federal Government of Somalia respects, accepts, and acknowledges, that every citizen can freely express his opinion to criticize or correct the activities of the government in accordance with the laws of the country and international regulations.

Final call and Conclusion

The Federal Government of Somalia would like to request every citizen to report in-line with the constitutions or international norms any the social media accounts linked to terrorists’ activities.

We are grateful to the valiant Somali people for their unceasing support in the fight against this common enemy; their support is a backbone for accomplishing the war against terrorists and their evil actions.