Somali army is ready to take over security responsibilities


MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somali National Army [SNA] is now ready to take the lead in maintaining the country’s security, making an end of UN-sponsored African Union mission known as AMISOM.

To make this happen, Somalia has already made an appeal to the African Union (AU) and United Nations, urging the international bodies to believe in the country’s ability to take over security responsibilities.

On 30 April 2018, the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) endorsed the Somalia Transition Plan (STP). Since then, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has continued to register progress in implementing its mandate, guided by the transition plan.

The Somalia Transition Plan is a comprehensive guide developed by the Federal Government of Somalia and its partners to the transfer of security responsibility to Somali National Security Forces ahead of AMISOM’s anticipated exit in 2021.

But that did not happen because African Union peacekeeping commanders seem to have doubted on whether the Somali National Army is ready to take over the role of securing the Horn of Africa nation.

The mission also asked for five more extra years to remain in Somalia, but the country’s leaders strongly opposed the request suggested by African Union mission.

Somalia believes its army forces could take over the country’s security responsibilities, despite security concerns and attacks by al Shabab an al Qaeda linked group.

The past five years have witnessed developments on the security front where Somali security forces have proved their increasing capabilities.

The army also conducted operations that have seized territory and pushed back the terrorists. The most recent victories were recorded in Sabiid and Bariire towns in Lower Shabelle region.

For seven years, Sabiid was a base where Al Shabaab terrorists assembled explosives, but now it has been under control of the army forces of Somalia.

The country’s army forces also conducted major operations that have seized territories in south and central and pushed the terrorists back.

This is proof that given the right conditions, the Somali National Army (SNA) is capable of leading successful anti-terror operations and can take over security responsibility of their country.

This is a strong signal to the terrorist groups that their days of terror are numbered.

The most recent victories were recorded in Bacadweyn, Amara and other towns in Mudug region that were under control of al Shabaab group.

Somali Security Forces are securing the populations in the recently liberated areas, conducting patrols, securing critical infrastructure including roads, hospitals, schools and are supporting the running stabilisation and early recovery activities, said in a statement released by Galmudug state of Somalia.

Meanwhile, Somalia’s military chief, General Odowa Rage, expressed the commitment by his side to the new security plan. He said Special Forces were ready to conduct operations anywhere, anytime.

Rage pledged underlined that partners in security such as AMISOM should also take seriously the Somalia Transition Plan.

It is now or never!

Somali National Army [SNA] is now ready to take over security responsibility from UN backed African Union mission known as AMISOM.

The country has now a professionally trained and well-equipped Somali security force, with mostly trained by Turkish military trainers. Some were trained in Turkey and others locally. They are now capable eliminating al Shabaab terrorists.

Written by Ahmed Gaashaan – Follow on Ahmed Gaashaan on Facabook, Twitter and Instagram.