FESOJ Relieved By Acquittal Of Somali Journalist Despite Long Arbitrary Imprisonment


Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) is relieved by the release of Hiigsi radio editor Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur known as Abuuja who was acquitted Somalia’s Military Court on Wednesday 05,2020 after he was deceptively alleged involvement in a terrorist murder and being held incommunicado without access to family members and lawyers.

The journalist was arrested on 29 February 2020, by in a NISA detention facility in Mogadishu. He was later released on 2 March 2020 without charge but he was re-arrested again by NISA on 7 March 2020 and was held incommunicado without access to family and lawyers. On June 7 Journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Abuuja appeared at military court in Mogadishu the court ordered the journalist to be transferred to Mogadishu Central Prison where he where he was being held.
On last Monday, August 3,2020 the Somali Military Court said it has concluded the trial of journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Abuja, and would announce its verdict soon.

Today at 11:00 AM Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shute, the Chief prosecutor of the military court announced the verdict and said “After a long investigation and closely listening the allegations made by prosecutors and also legal responses of the defending lawyers , the court rules today that the journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur (Abuuja) is not guilty at all and not involved in the crimes he was alleged, therefore the court affirms his innocence orders his immediate release”

“I am so glad today that the court today proved my innocence and freed me from jail. I would like to thank all the national and the International media groups who have stood by my side in the difficult times during the arbitrary and illegal detention. Let justice prevail.”Journalist Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur (Abuuja) said speaking with the pres shortly after he was released.

The three lawyers defending the case against Dahir Mohamud Ali, Prof Isse Ahmed Warsame and Anas Shafici Abdirahman have pleaded the journalist is not guilty and rebuffed all the charges the journalist was accused.

“The Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) is Relieved by the acquittal of Editor of Hiigsi Radio Mohamed Abdiwahab Nur (Abuuja) . We appreciate the military court for serving justice to the journalist.” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu , FESOJ Secretary General said with standing the journalist and his father.

“Many people have been criticizing us when we were advocating for the release of journalists Mohamed Abduwahab (Abuja) who he falsely stamped and linked to terror group but confidently we aware of the best interest of the journalist Mohamed Abduwahab Abuja has been innocent and good journalist, thanks God that justice has worked today.” Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu , FESOJ Secretary General added.

FESOJ asserts that it is not acceptable for a journalist to be detained for five months, as the allegations are baseless, and we demand that the journalist be given adequate compensation during his long arbitrary detention.

Local journalists, led by FESOJ and a number of international organizations, strongly advocated for the journalist’s release during his imprisonment, which several times sparked protests in Mogadishu.