Somalia: 3 dead as Al Shabab attacks on army base


MOGADISHU, Somalia – At least three militants were killed when an al Qaeda linked al Shabaab group has carried out an attack on army base in Qoryoley town, about 120 km south west of the capital, Mogadishu.

The attack started with a car bomb explosion, and then fighters reportedly entered parts of the base and destroyed vehicles, a witness, who asked to be anonymous, said.

He says Somali military troops launched counter-offensive and retook the base, forcing the militants to retreat.

The militants also attempted to destroy the main bridge with bomb explosion, but locally-mobilised forces hit back and destroyed its car laden with explosives, he said.

Somali regional official says at least three militants were killed in the attack.

He says the forces foiled the group’s attempted attack.

There was no immediate comment from Al Shabaab over the claims.

The group has been fighting for more than ten years to topple the weak-western backed government-based in the capital, Mogadishu.



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