Nairobi Court convicts Matt Bryden, SAHAN of Guilty of violating the Employment Act.


Nairobi Court has convicted Matt Bryden, SAHAN of Guilty of violating the Employment Act.

A court case number 1805 of 2016 was originally filled by Mr. Babtunde Taiwo who is currently the head of political affairs of AMISOM mission in Somalia in 2016 against Matt Bryden managing director of SAHAN organizations who has been PNGed by the Federal Government of Somalia in 2017.

Matt who was facing several counts including violations of 42, 43, 44, 45 and 49 of the employment act.

After almost four year of hearing and deliberations, Judge ONESMUS N. MAKAU made the ruling on the 22nd November 2019 and ordered Matt and his consulting company i.e SAHAN to meet the followings.

• Pay to Mr. Taiwo Babtunde Salaries and other remuneration’s amounting to USD 12,000.00
• Issue Mr. Taiwo Certificate of service that he has worked for SAHAN.
• Meet all other court costs encountered for the past four years.
It has also been reported elsewhere that Matt Bryden has been mistreating and abusing all the Somali nationals that has been working with him in SAHAN since its formation in 2013.

The Federal Government of Somalia has PNGed Matt and SAHAN from working in Somalia in 2017 for violation, contravention, infringement and interference of Somalia’s sovereignty and internal political and security affairs. However, Government intelligence sources revealed that he has been secretly operating from some of the Federal members despite Government’s gross suspension of SAHAN services in the Federal Republic of Somalia. Attached herewith are the evidence to that.