Three terror suspects arrested by in police in Kenya


Three men who police branded members of Al-Shabaab terror group were at the weekend arrested while in a bus headed for Nairobi.

The men, all Kenyans were intercepted in Thika Town during a police operation.

It is not yet clear on their mission or how they are involved in terror activities. Police argued they had intelligence that showed the men planned a terror activity in the city.

The men were handed over to the Anti-Terror Police Unit for further interrogation.

The three were among more than 50 passengers who were in a bus coming from Garissa headed for Nairobi. Anti-terror police said they were still talking to the suspects to acquire further information.

Police have mounted operations to tame planned terror activities in the past months arresting and questioning dozens of suspects.

Terror activities have been concentrated in parts of North Eastern where the suspects plant Improvised Explosive Devices.

In October, Somalia authorities handed over to Kenya two men believed to be members of Al-Shabaab terror group.

According to police, they are believed to have fled to Somalia after committing a crime in the region and especially near the Liboi border. When they were handed over to Kenya on October 23 one of them had an AK47 rifle belonging to Kenya police.

Those handed over were identified as Farah Ahmed Sanbul alias Faragon and Mihat Daar Khalif and they had an AK47 rifle belonging to Kenya Police, which had 30 bullets, another AK47 rifle belonging to Somalia with five magazines and 117 bullets, another AK47 rifle with four bullets and a pistol which had five magazines with 40 bullets.

This came days after police identified Abdullahi Banati, as the man who led the team that planted the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) leading to the death of 11 General Service Unit officers stationed at the Harhar camp on October 12, 2019.

Police say Banati planned the attack alongside Al-Shabaab operatives based in the Daadab refugee camp, which has been associated with several other terrorist attacks.