3 Kenyans Vie for Presidency in Somalian Region


Three Kenyans are among presidential candidates in Jubaland region of Somalia ready to take the reigns in the vote slated for August 24.

According to a report by The Star, the three, Mohammed ShakulMohammed Marsheye and Abdi Raghe, have been campaigning alongside other aspirants in the young nation.

The three, who also hold Kenyan passports, reportedly made inroads to cut down the incumbent and front runner Ahmed Madobe’s clout.

Their candidature has, however, elicited a lot of debate in the region with increased calls made to the Kenyan government to intervene and withdraw the three from the race.

“We want the government to investigate the three contestants because they are being used to work against Kenya’s interest in Jubaland,” argued Guleid Khalif, an expert of Jubaland politics.

Khalif further added that three contenders originated from Garissa County in Northern part of Kenya.

Kenya is, however, reportedly rooting for Madobe in the race following his efforts to free Kismayu from  from al Shabaab.

Jubaland is Kenya’s strategic partner in the war against the terrorist group.

According to sources, the Somali government, led by Mohamed Abdullahi, also known as Farmajo, has thrown its weight around the three Kenyan contestants.

“The Somalia Federal Government is creating clan divisions with their hardline stance while using dirty tactics to oust Madobe. They will fail flatly,” stated Abdu Shakur Ahmed, an elder from Buuale.

The Jubaland Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission has maintained that the election will be fair.




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