Somali officers graduate Defense Command in Ethiopia


The Defense Command and Staff College graduated 100 higher officers in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior military officials.

In a colorful ceremony held yesterday, Prime Minister Abiy said the graduates have received training enable them to meet all expectations in modern warfare and enable them to bring valuable leadership to the defense forces.

“We consider as you as valuable assets for the effectiveness of our meticulous effort to see a modernized and well trained military that the country has already embarked upon. I hope your contribution would be commendable in this regard,” he added.

Furthermore, the premier urged the graduates to serve the wellbeing of Ethiopians with the spirit of unity, saying ethnicity or race does not bother a soldier and cannot be confused or swayed by the agendas of politicians.

Defense Command and Staff College Commandant, Brigadier General Dagnachew Yitbarek said on his part the training and practical exercises were given at higher tactical and equivalent levels in the current modern military training.

The commandant said the trainees will have a transformative impact on Ethiopia’s military modernization efforts at all levels.

According to him, the college is the highest military academy institution equipped with modern technology and teaching aid materials as well as experts of different disciplines.

Among the 100 graduates of the Defense Command and Staff College, 21 are from Somalia, South Sudan and Djibouti, who completed their military education at Post Staff Course (PSC) and master’s levels./ENA NEWS



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