Latest humanitarian updates in Somalia


Somalia is experiencing the negative impacts of erratic and abnormally performing Gu’ rains (April-June) that followed a poor 2018 Deyr season (Oct-Dec), and unusually hot, dry conditions during the 2019 Jilaal season (Jan-Mar).

This has compounded the limited recovery from the severe drought of 2016/17.

In crop growing areas, the delay in the Gu’ rains has significantly affected planting and germination.

As a result, the season’s cereal harvest is projected to be 50 per cent below average.

This means potentially disastrous consequences for the 2.2 million people facing crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity unless humanitarian assistance is scaled up significantly.

The humanitarian operation in Somalia remains underfunded with the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan having received only 38 per cent of its requirements by June.



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