Kenya says 4 Al Shabaab killed in bomb explosion


MOGADISHU, Somalia – At least 4 al Shabaab fighters have been killed after exploding a bomb explosive in which they were planting in Kenya’s coastal town of Lamu.

Kenya Lamu Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri says the explosion happened earlier on Thursday near Omollo Bridge in the town, leaving 4 militants dead.

“Four bodies of militants were seen while others also injured when an improvised explosive device (IED) they were setting up apparently detonated prematurely”, he said.

Kenyan northeastern regions have been seen deadly attacks by al Qaeda linked al Shabaab.

The group carried out similar attacks which left hundreds dead.

Last week, al Shabaab claimed to have killed 5 Kenyan soldiers and injured 20 others an ambush attack in Mandera, a town close to Kenyan border along Somalia.



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