Somali national shot dead in South Africa


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali national has been shot and killed by gunmen after an attack on his shop in South Africa, his colleague said.

The deceased man, whose name has been, identified as Moalim Abdullahi Ali Isse was killed in Zola strand, a suburb of South Africa’s city of Cape Town, according to his colleague Abdullahi Mouse.

Mouse says the victim was hit several times on the chest and head by South African gunmen during a raid on his shop in Zola strand.

He says the attackers also took away everything inside the shop.

The killers fled from the crime scene uncaught, he said.

The attack comes after South African gangs shot and injured a Somali citizen, a taxi driver in Tygerberg district of northern suburbs of Cape Town in South Africa.

The victim was taken into hospital for medical treatment.

In April, a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) urged authorities in South Africa to launch an urgent investigation and arrest and prosecute those responsible for a spate of violence against foreign nationals.



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