Somali President visits his army cadets at camp in Uganda


MOGADISHU, Somalia – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia has paid a surprise visit at army training camp in Uganda’s capita, Kampala.

The visit by Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is said to be encouraging Somali military officers, who are trained in Kampala.

President Mohamed has urged 100 soldiers in the camp to prepare war on Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab, amid rising attacks for the last couple weeks.

Mr. Mohamed also held talks Uganda’s military officials, discussing on wide range issues including training of Somali army soldiers.

He interacted with Uganda’s military officers and expressed gratitude, on behalf of the Somali People for the good work Uganda is doing in Somalia.

Mohamed encouraged the troops to continue with the good work in securing the country and support to SNA troops, in a bid to eradicate the al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab.

Uganda is the largest troop contributor of the 22,000 strong AMISOM force since 2007, contributing roughly 80% of the number.

Last year, the commander-in-chief of the Ugandan military, General David Muhoozi has arrived in Mogadishu

Muhoozi held talks with African Union mission leadership, discussing on planned joint military operations with the Somali security forces.

The talks were aimed at flushing out Al-Shabaab from the remaining pockets in Somalia.

The African Union is planning to end more than 10 years of peacekeeping mission in Horn of African nation at the end of 2020.







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