Somalia: Public debate held in Mogadishu


an Interesting Public debate orgainzed by Forum held yesterday in Mogadishu.

An important fiqures including the newly elected chairman of somali civil society consortium Osman Muhaidin Moalim, Federal MP and the leader of National democratic party Fowzia Yusuf Haji Adan, the chairwomen of Somali National Union of woman Batole Sheikh Ahmed Gable, and prominet Somali journalist Yusuf Hassan attended as panelist.

Audience included youth activitist, public opinion influencers, poets and scholars.

The Chairman of the forum Abdiqadir Ahmed Shirwac made welcoming remarks and asked the panalist and the audience to take the topic seriously ” we want this debate to be productive, we want to analyse from different perspectives the challenges that faces today Somali civil society so that we can claim an effective role” said Shirwac

” free debate is necessary component of civic culture. we ecourage each and everyone of you to make unreserved contribution today. we want to improve the level of consciouness of public and particularly active citizens so that they could play effective role in country’s building process” he added.

MP Fowzia Yusuf stressed that the role and engagment of somali civil society should be enhanced ” civil society should be part of country’s agenda, civil soceity do not have to ask government to be included. The different bodies of civil society should work together to make the lead in the country’s agenda” said Fowzia.

in his Side, the Chairman of nation wide civil society’s consortium Osman Moalim said they have ready plans to accelarte and improve the role of civil socity in Somalia.

Batole Sheikh said as natioanl woman they ready to improve their participation role ” some times, we are not inivited to be part of important agendas that concerns Somali woman. now we are ready to push and do more” said Batole.

furthermore, contributions and questions from the audience ignited the discussion.



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