US, Somali forces raid on Al Shabaab base in Awdhegle town


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Somali especial commandos along with US forces launched an attack on Al Shabaab base in Awdhegle town, some 75km west of Somali capital Mogadishu.

The coalition forces targeted two Al-Shabab checkpoints at which the extremists extort money from commercial vehicles, according to Somali military official, who asked to be anonymous.

He says the attack triggered a fierce fighting between US, Somali forces and Al Shabaab, killing several militants in the town.

Two airstrike reportedly targeted an explosives-laden minibus that was prepared for a complex attack on an unspecified location.

There was no word from US Africom command over the latest attack in Somalia.

But, the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group says its fighters had foiled air and ground attack on its base in west of Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab uses widespread extortion of businessmen and travelers to fund its high-profile attacks in major cities such as Mogadishu, collecting millions of dollars a year.

The group has been waging insurgency for more than ten years in Somalia.

Al Qaeda inspired group, which once controlled much of the capital of Mogadishu, wants to topple the weak-western backed government of Somalia.



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