Qatar Provides Income Generating Projects In Somalia


Qatar Charity (QC) launched hundreds of income-generating projects in Gaza and Somalia last year and early this year to support 872 families in Gaza and Somalia by providing them with permanent sources of income with the support of philanthropists in Qatar.

Director of Qatar Charity Office in the Gaza Strip Mohammed Abu Haloub said that 148 Palestinian families have benefited from the income-generating projects implemented by Qatar Charity at a cost of QR1.4 million the last year in order to ease economic and social pressures on poor families.

He added that the Qatar Charity Office, since the beginning of 2018, has started the implementation of 137 income-generating projects in various areas of the Gaza Strip to contribute to the transition from the sponsorship level to the development stage.

“Qatar Charity aims, through the implementation of these projects, at contributing to improving the family income and increasing self-reliance, as well as contributing to enhancing the positive community perception towards the productive families,” he added.

Abu Haloub said that 148 families (1,036 individuals) of those sponsored by Qatar Charity within its social welfare and sponsorship programme benefited from the projects, which were implemented in coordination with several local and government institutions.



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