Community policing workshop held in Mogadishu

EUCAP Somalia organized a Workshop on Community Policing within the maritime context in Mogadishu
on December 6th, attended by ten officers (including three women) from the Somali Police Force Maritime Police Unit.
This is the fourth such workshop organized by the Mission. The participants discussed how Community Policing is both a guiding philosophy and a core strategy in encouraging the public to become partners with the police in preventing crime.
Thus, the value of bringing the community closer to the police with the mutual goal of making neighbourhoods free of crime and disorder through cooperation was emphasized during the Workshop.
The workshop also included a lecture on Gender-based violence (GBV). During the aforementioned lecture, it was explained that Gender-based violence is first and foremost a violation of human rights. Moreover, it was argued that it represents a security concern both on land and at sea and the point was made that ending gender based violence is a prerequisite for a sustainable peace.
Somali officers attending the workshop agreed that resolving conflicts through the active participation
of citizens themselves – the ultimate aim of community policing – would benefit their society




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