Farmaajo, who will appease his anger? By Dr. Abdi Ulusso


“It is complicated, the strange mysteries surrounding the case of Qalbi-Dhagax but no one could match them what they did those who are behind the conspiracy to hand him over to Ethiopia.

Believe, me you Farmaajo had nothing to do with the case of Qalbi-Dhagax and it was handled but later was ruled by a circumstances beyond his control being allegedly doubled crossed by those surrounding him at Villa Somalia and some in the government whom he had trusted and wrongly didn’t a fair deal in the Social Media.

How, could they do that to the president Farmaajo? The case of Qalbi-Dhagax was never presented to the Cabinet in order to decide together the best course to take and make government officials to speak with one voice to have discipline and act one body which could have allowed the president Farmaajo to find out.

Anyhow, we have learned one-eternal truth that there are people who carry a huge measure of weakness and want to poison to raise suspicions about Farmaajo’s vision for Somalia to change and its people to come together to work for better future in his quest for a country that is boundless, united and free and this is why he is undoubtedly made him the political favour most of the people.

Therefore, it is premature and a big mistake for some to suggest Farmaajo is finished and his days as a president is numbered but I strongly believe that, the majority of the people of Somalia still continue to support him, including myself.

Therefore, I call upon him to keep with one thing in mind that he can’t run a government with good intentions because there are lot of angels that don’t meet the eyes.

Farmaajo, will need to make drastic changes in his government and bring on board those with proper educational background, professional qualifications and government work experience, integrity, ability and skill to perform in their duties”

By Dr. Abdi Ulusso